Uruma Takezawa

Original prints of his other works are also quotable.

Uruma Takezawa

A travel and landscape photojournalist, from Osaka, Japan. Impressed by the underwater world of the Okinawa islands, he began his career as marin photographer. In March 2010, embarked on a photographic journey lasted for 1,021 days, visited 103 countries. In 2014, he won the Grand Prize of the Nikkei National Geographic Photo Prize. He thinks that taking photos is self-discovery. It helps to find purpose and a way for self-expression. He travels extensively, often to the remote areas of the world, and has visited more than 150 countries & territories. Well-known publications feature his work regularly and he continues to inspire people with his travel essays and story-telling.


“Tio’s Island”, Shogakukan 2010
“Walkabout”, Shogakukan 2013
“The Songlines”, Shogakukan 2015
“Now”, Shogakukan 2015
“Buena Vista”, Sougeisha 2015
“Kor La”, Shogakukan 2016
“Ryojo Nettaiya”, Jitugyo no Nihon 2016
“Rlung Rta”, Shogakukan 2020